Captivating interview with Nina Teicholz, the guru on the science of d Captivating interview with Nina Teicholz, the guru on the science of d - lovegoodfats

January 01, 2018 2 min read

Recent interview: Nina Teicholz on Joe Rogan
Now #1 on the charts 

Nina Teicholz is an investigative journalist who spent 9 years researching
for her book which lays out that everything
we thought we knew about dietary fats is wrong.

Like me, she also followed "advice" back then,
and she was a vegetarian for years. I was on a Low-Fat diet.

Now we're all learning that we cut out essential fats
and nutrients that the human body needs to maximize our health.

In her enlightening interview - Nina covers:       

   fat doesn't make you fat

  butter, cheese and meat doesn't cause heart disease

  saturated fats don't cause heart disease

low fat diets don't make you healthy

American Heart Association

the 1956 Ancel Keys study

the sugar industry

vegetarian and vegan diets

epidemiological evidence vs double blind
randomized placebo controlled clinical studies

  intermittent fasting

high fats, low carbs diet, ketosis

glucose vs fat sources, fat burning

carb addiction


YES!  Lunch with Nina in NYC recently
(I know you want to know what she ate: liver of course :-) )
PS.. she luvs luvs our bars


Here is this interview on YouTube if it's easier to watch there:

and some good reads to get more great stuff on dietary fats:

Nutrition Coalition
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