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April 07, 2018 2 min read

# fat is out.
# sugar is out.

Melissa McCarthy loses 75lbs on Keto diet

The internet is buzzing! 

From www.diabetes.co.uk : With celebrity diets and weight loss often the hot topic of conversation in the media, it is no surprise that Melissa McCarthy has stolen the limelight following her dramatic 75 pound weight loss! How, you might be asking? The answer is the ketogenic diet.

Going keto is becoming increasingly popular among the diabetes community and is setting the trend for celebs too. A popular benefit of the keto diet is the weight loss that can be achieved, while further benefitsinclude lower blood pressure, raised HDL cholesterol levels (which is a good sign of heart health) and improved mental performance. (see full article below)


It took 40 years to get the science right:


Read up on Ketogenic diet:

Leanne Vogel has a great best seller book out.

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and she's Canadian too!


 Below is her website :

And Nina Teicholz's International
Best Seller is a Must Read too



YES!!! Sugar Tax in the UK

Starting Today!


 Dr. Aseem Malhota:  
The man behind the campaign against sugar, consultant cardiologist Dr Aseem Malholtra, welcomes the new sugar tax and tells me why we were told for so long "fat makes you fat" when all the time it was sugar (and refined carbohydrates) that should have been Public Enemy #1. Aseem came into my Radio 2 studio today to welcome the new sugar tax on soft drinks (there are 9 teaspoons of sugar in a can of regular Coke - three is the max before the tax hits now). He says it's just the start.