December 22, 2017 2 min read

“Wow...what a “rush” couple of months!  phew
  on the shelves in 530 stores* in 12 weeks across Canada
 our bars flying off the shelves: #1 #2 selling in some stores 
(we're trying to keep shelves stocked) 
  100+ doors listed this month 
 many thousands of views on our social media
 100s of testimonials

#humbled #thank you #grateful
“hottest new bars in Canada!”*
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see the Store Finder on our site to find a store near you
 *store manager in GTA
 “Only Keto friendly* bar in North America”

4-5g Net Carbs
1-2g of Sugar
9-10g of Protein

YES!!.. WOW.... 

*Keto friendly, not refrigerated and yummy! 

We just made 2.0 recipes last week....
we have 15 pallets in our warehouse waiting for your orders :-)

Our expert panel of Loyal Users has been tasting them all week: 
20/20 say “they're better than 1.0!”

"Wow.  I've been eating 1-2 of your peanut butter bars a day as I’m addicted!  and this latest one is ever better tasting.. cleaner and more peanuts even. Thank you"
— Amanda

"The coconut is even more coconuty and melts in my mouth more, creamier even than before. I have one for breakfast every day"
— Melanie

“I like it better - more peanut taste”
— Stas

“Love the taste - even creamier now and now only 2g of sugar- my new favourite snack
— Sheeba (coconut chocolate chip)

“I fell off keto in December.. thank goodness for your bars - I’m back on.. best ever”
— Lena (loves both)


P.S. Email me if  you want to join our Expert Panel - we have bunch of innovation coming and will be needing more good fats Experts to join
Two New Bars Coming!

end of January!

mint chocolate chip
rich chocolatey almond

💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 


Our Mission:

change how North Americans eat
- more fats, less sugar - and feel great about it!  



Thank you for an amazing launch, hugs & kisses and biggest warmest thanks!

Now lets now help get Canada on low sugar/high fat post the holidays:


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