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January 16, 2018 3 min read

Keto, ketogenic, LCHF (Low Carb High Fat)
is in the news all the time... 

What is that all about? 

Low-fat muffins, diet soda, fat-free dressing and fat free everything....
All creations of the low-fat diet fad that resulted
in the largest obesity epidemic ever seen and an emergence of
cognitive diseases and other health issues.

These processed  foods, loaded with sugar, preservatives,
carbohydrates and HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup),
were promoted in reaction to reports that
dietary fat needed to be eliminated for improved health.

What got lost in translation was the need for "good" fat.
And the role of sugar has played in ill-health.
Health experts now acknowledge:

Fat doesn’t make you fat, sugar does.

Now many medical experts tout a diet high in good fats, moderate in protein and
low in carbohydrates (especially sugar) as a healthier way to eat.

“Fat doesn’t make you fat, and a low-fat diet doesn’t make you healthy,”
explains  Nina Teicholz, best selling author of The Big Fat Surprise.
“Science shows that we have  been needlessly avoiding meat,
cheese, whole milk and eggs for decades and that we can,
guilt-free, welcome these “whole fats” back into our lives.”

The skinny on fat

Your body craves fats because it needs them.
Fat is one of the body’s most basic building blocks.
A diet full of healthy fat is sustainable and satisfying.
It also promotes better health including improved
energy levels, skin clarity,  better eyesight and even mood.

KETO and LCHF 101
Two increasingly popular diets are the ketogenic diet called ‘Keto’
and the LCHF (low carb high fat) diet. Both promote a high fat, low sugar
and carbs style of eating.
The idea is to have your body become “fat adapted” to burn fat
instead of burning glucose.
With both, the key is to increase fats and significantly decrease
Net Carbs (which is Carbs minus the Fiber).
Keto diets require counting of macronutrients and the goal
is for your body will go into “ketosis” that then drives
maximum weight loss and touted with many other benefits.
The aim is to be at less than 20-25g of Net Carbs per day.
LCHF allows for more carbs.

Learn about keto 
The internet is abuzz with Keto and LCHF groups, recipes and podcasts.
Fat bombs are very popular and that is what led me to create
Suzie's good fats bars, a fat bomb
that you can buy in the store instead of having to make at home.
Try these links for some tips and information on keto and LCHF.
Nina Teicholz, author
Jeff Volek, PHD, RD & Stephen D. Phinney, MD PHD
Domenic D'agnositino, PHD

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