September 25, 2017 1 min read


Good Fat Bars


Soooo much fun at CHFA East! 
Energy, fun, tons of pictures and so many
"OMG these are so so good!!!"

Thank you to everyone for coming by and
tasting our new ridiculously delicious bars! 

We're excited to pop up on shelves everywhere across Canada! 
We have in store Demo programs and guerrilla sampling and our
Digital Campaign starting in October
all to drive  fast Awareness & Trial

And a warm big welcome to MaryAnn Scandiffio
who just joined our team! 


MaryAnn has over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing across the health, fitness and specialty apparel markets. She has worked with hospitals and clinics throughout the US and Canada, as well as with major retailers including Target, Nordstrom and Johnson & Johnson. MaryAnn was recently leading sales in education training for STOTT PILATES® Rehabilitation program. She holds an honors degree from the University of Toronto in English and Culture, and is certified in Nutrition Science.  






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