plant-based variety pack

plant-based variety pack

6x chocolate chip cookie dough bars
6x peanut butter & jam bars

Our delicious plant-based flavors. Creamy cookie dough texture with nice little crisps all wrapped in yummy chocolate coating. And the PB&J flavor will have you thinking you’re eating a real peanut butter and jelly sandwich, maybe even creamier! The big difference is these bars have only 1-2g of sugar and are made with clean, natural and wholesome ingredients. A ridiculously delicious, loaded with good fats, keto snack for the cookie dough and peanut butter and jelly lovers. 

Also, only 1-2g of sugar, 5-10g of protein and 13-15g good good fats ... yumm.

product benefits : non gmo, gluten free, plant based, no sugar alcohols, no added soy, kosher, sustainably sourced palm oil, and keto friendly

Try Our Bars Cold for a totally different texture.

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