what's new variety pack

what's new variety pack

3x chewy nutty coconut macadamia bars
3x chewy nutty chocolatey almond bars
3x white chocolatey lemon mousse bars
3x white chocolatey cookies & cream bars

Our newest innovations are here and ready to rock the keto world! We strive to create ridiculously delicious keto snack bars available and our newest additions of Lemon Mousse (4 bars), Cookies and Cream (4 bars), Coconut  Macadamia (4 bars) and Chocolatey Almond (4 bars) are nothing short of spectacular.

Our White Chocolatey bars come in 2 delicious flavors - Cookies and Cream and Lemon Mousse. With 1-2g of sugar, 13g of good fats, 9g of protein, and clean, wholesome, ingredients, these ridiculously delicious bars give you a soft melt-in-your-mouth texture while overwhelming your taste buds with decadent flavors. A great keto friendly snack choice for all you dessert lovers out there!

Our Chewy-Nutty bars come in 2 distinct flavors Coconut Macadamia and Chocolatey Almond, made with a delicious mixture of nuts and delicious coconut oil (MCTs). These bars provide the perfect crunchy snack for any one on the go or in need of a pick me up through the day.

Each bar contains 1-2g of sugar, 5-6g of protein and  14-15g of healthy fats. If you like something chewy and with a little crunch, you’ll go NUTS for our keto friendly chewy-nutty bars! 

product benefits : non gmo, gluten free, no sugar alcohols, no added soy, kosher, sustainably sourced palm oil, grass fed whey and keto friendly

Buy a variety pack today and find your new favorite!

Try Our Bars Cold for a totally different texture.

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