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try our 2 new chewy-nutty bars

Chocolatey Almond  <br>(box of 12)
Coconut Macadamia <br>(box of 12)

try our 2 new white chocolatey flavours

Cookies & Cream  <br>(box of 12)
Lemon Mousse <br>(box of 12)

available in canisters

Vanilla Milk Shake <br> (400g)

coming soon in single serve sachets

have a favourite bar? try a box of twelve

  for a cool treat try them frozen 

Coconut Chocolate Chip   <br>(box of 12)
Mint Chocolate Chip  <br>(box of 12)
Rich Chocolatey Almond <br>(box of 12)

get started with a trial pack box of 4

want to try them all? try our variety pack

Peanut Butter & Jam  <br>(box of 12)

there’s lots to love about our award winning love good fats bars

  • keto friendly
  • moderate protein

  • 2 plant based / vegan flavours

  • gluten free

  • soy free

  • no sugar alcohols

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