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Vanilla Milk Shake Carton <br> (8 sachets x 38g)

Vanilla Milk Shake Carton
(8 sachets x 38g)

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First ever keto-friendly “fat shakes” so we can all eat and enjoy good fats. Our NEW formula makes them so delicious, thick, and creamy it’s just like a milkshake! Make them even more keto friendly by mixing with your favorite milk, cream (yes... even 35% heavy cream!), coconut milk or almond milk. We use only ingredients that are natural, wholesome, and clean as a whistle!
  •     low in sugar (only 2g)
  •     loaded with 12-13g of fat
  •     keto–friendly (only 2g net carbs)
  •     no preservatives, additives or sugar alcohols
  •     moderate protein (9g)
  •     non GMO
  •     gluten free, soy free & responsibly sourced
  •     8 sachets per carton (38g per sachet)