Yes! it took a village to get us here: to launch day in Canada!

I cannot thank every single one of you enough - so a "group" email it is :-) I'm so so grateful and have been again and again humbled with your kindness, support & care. 
Yes! it took a village to get us here: to launch day in Canada!
Suzie from Good Fats company  
I cannot thank every single one of you enough - so a "group" email it is :-) 
I'm so so grateful and have been again and again humbled with your
kindness, support & care. 

Stepping back – I grew up sharing a room with my mom for 13 years in a small apartment in Montreal. Thirty-five years ago, July 1983, I told my mom, “I want to have my own brand one day”.  I never lost sight of the vision of creating a brand – one that makes a difference. I had a pretty amazing career, throughout my 20+ years in corporate/multinationals. And as you all know, I’ve always been fuelled and jazzed with turning around, launching or driving brands.

However, I had all the “excuses” for not taking the jump to becoming an Entrepreneur (Arlene Dickinson shared 3 rules for Entrepreneurs; #3 is “Just start!!”).  Mine were the classic ones: “ohh, it’s too risky, my kids are young/I’m a single mom, I don’t have a brand idea, I don’t’ have money…”  
Well, I stomped all the excuses and we now have the hottest
new disruptive food brand in Canada-
a ridiculously delicious new bar.
Rolling out to shelves across Canada as of today.
Thanks to all of you.
Good Fats Healthy Bar
Yes there are 126 of you that have personally helped bring this dream to life.  We’ve learned that making a bar loaded with good fats and with hardly any evil sugar (to bind the fats) is not easy.  But worth the effort as it makes a treat that is ridiculously delicious, filling, healthy and wholesome and natural.
Importantly, a brand alone doesn’t mean much in the end. The essence of the brand, the people behind it and the journey together is what has real value.  
You’ve all touched me in ways that have brightened my day, supported me and made a difference in my life to and yes, to the brand.  You've found solutions when we needed them most. You jumped in, any and all hours of the day. I’m not sure if you each realize how much I value your help and being there. Thus, my need to pause, acknowledge and say “thank you from the bottom of my heart” at this key juncture, as our brand takes life and moves from an idea to a place in stores!
You’re part of the fabric of SGFC, part of it’s coming to life, it’s essence and lifeline; part of who this brand is, what she means and stands for and wants to do:  Mission to change how women eat - more good fats, less sugar - and how we feel about it. When all else is said in done – the people behind this incredible brand and the journey we’ve had together is what matters most.
There are 126 of you getting this email – I cannot do justice and thank every single one enough – without writing a novel! So I did my best to acknowledge how much you’ve each helped me – so this is just a little tidbit of my warmest and deepest and most sincere “thank you”.
I am so very grateful and humbled with your kindness, support, generosity, input & insight.
Suzie's good fat bar

Your small token of thanks:  a FREE box of freshly made bars

 If you've not done this already, kindly, 
  1. Send Reply 
  2. Include your mailing address (so we can make sure we have it)
  3. Indicate which flavour:  peanut butter chocolate, coconut chocolate chip or a mix box with 6 of each
We will get a box of our ridiculously delicious bars on their way to you. We may need to be patient as we’re figuring out a courier option with refrigerated trucks. Fedex trucks today were 40deg Celsius...
**  THANK YOU **
Lena and David:  You have been faithfully, generously and unconditionally supportive and closely by my side for over 3 years now… through my ups/downs and all the rollercoaster antics we’ve had – you were right there, close and solid, always. And even before SGFC had a name or form, you were there; then from launching our first website, to the science and foundation of the brand to the labels and pretty much every single “help..we gotta figure this out” new task that came your way in laser speed ..often daily - you have and continue to be there for me  #cannotexpresshowgratefulIam
Scott:  My guy #1 and Board member:  you were the first one that I showed my bare-bone pitch deck to. No brand name, no packaging, no product. You said “Suzie- this is a game changer idea and I will support you”.  Those words pivoted me to hire my packaging agency and find a food lab and bring concept to reality.  #withoutscottthiswouldstillbejustapowerpoint
Matt: my guy #2: That meeting at Starbucks was a springboard, incredibly motivating and empowering. As has all your immeasurable support and advice were a major source of generous support for me again and again. Thank you #cannotgiveyouenoughbearhugsforallyou’vedone  
Patrick & Jon:  my #3 & 4 guys  – you’re icons in the natural space in Canada and have been so, so generous, insightful and supportive with your expertise – all last summer, you’ve inspired me, helped with launch strategies and insights with immense and unmatched value – I cannot thank you enough #soblessedtohavehadyoursupport
Michael:  my guy #5 – from sales strategies, to P&L to how to frame this big idea and resources and ideas; your support meant/means so much to me as I moved from concept to our market game plan;
Gents – you were my five first strategic supporters as I moved through March to September, you were my fuel and foundation to get me to where Edmund and Dave then jumped in #soverygrateful
Dave & Edmund: – my # 6 & 7 guys; my first Board/Advisor and financial raise supporters!  The step forward commitment I needed to move into Angel funding and making this real. Since then, you’ve provided the leadership, been relentlessly supportive and a rock steady foundation for the company… Dave, my Chair, Edmund, my close Advisor and networker,
Wayne: my #8 guy and now Board member.  Wayne, Wayne, Wayne, I cannot tell you how incredible your contributions have been - and how much your daily support, expertise and energy means to me. You’re the safety net and beacon every company needs and your deep experience in Ops, financials and strategies are immeasurably valuable- I so appreciate knowing you’re one text away from that bit of advice I need and so thankful to have your eagle eyes on all of them’ 40+ page contracts and cash flow models
Doug: my #9 so very precious mentor of 25+ years and twice former boss! You’ve been nothing shy of hyper incredible – that lunch where I shared my SGFC PowerPt was game changer – you had decided to support me by the time desert came. Xox.  I cannot thank you enough and share what it means to have you by my side right now. Incredibly securitizing and motivating - and the biggest gift of all if for the intro to Sean #itstarted25yearsagoandtheuniverserewardedus
Sean: rounding out at #10 :-) you are an incredible young grad and millennial. I’m so fortunate that you’ve choose this career path with me over all the options you had. You’re making our days fun, energizing and inspiring.. l Iove your energy and grateful- we will rocket ship launch this brand and have so much fun while at it. #manywickedlyfuntimesahead
My Angels (Hilary, Michelle, Ann, Jeff, Jackie, Katharine, Scott, Bob, Doug, Dave, Wayne, Edmund, Jennifer):  without you, there is no SGFC! Period and end of this story. Your support is enabling the roll out of this game changing disruptive brand! Thank you for believing in me, for believing in SGFC! #youwillbewellrewardedforyourearlysupport
Kap and Michael: early Angel and ever flowing source of practical and strategic advice- leaning on you for everything from digital to monies to our Madame Consumer – and make my days fun! #incrediblethatourpathhavecrossedagainandloveeveryminutetogether
Michelle and Hilary: Angels, do-ers and what a whirlwind of a winter! Having your support and insights from the industry to our consumer to millennials and then get it done projects was so wonderful and allowed us to move forward into execution! #chicksmakingthingshappen
JP and Grace and Toby & our amazing Broker team:  Believing in me and the brand and saving the day in an eye blink - you enabled SGFC to attend CHFA Vancouver, then got us listed everywhere and now rolling out the best ever Fast Start new disruptive bar we've ever seen in Canada!  #seemlessexecutionmachinesandpartnerstochangeshelvesincanada
Team Purity and UNFI (Michelle, Dale, Julie, Tanya, Jeremy, Michael):cannot thank you enough for your immediate support, ever flowing advice, direction and resources as we get our brand ready to roll out to every single natural food store in Canada!  #letsgetcanadaeatingbetterwithourridiculouslydelicousbars
Eric, Lee and Sasha: what a ride gents!  Thank you for taking my brand on… for months, you filled my home with an ever flowing stream of samples and I sure do wish you could have filled thousands of shelves too :) I so appreciate all that you’ve done.. and grateful that you were part of our brand’s journey. #gratefulforallyoudidtogiveshapeandproductlifetosgfc
Rich, Bruce and Ellen: without you and your team, there is no SGFC! Plain and simple. You were right there as I needed to pivot and your expertise and resources and incredible manufacturing facility is the only reason we are now rolling out thousands and thousands of ridiculously delicious bars. From the deepest and warmest part of my heart, thank you! #thereisnobiggerthanksthanmythankstoyouandyourteam
Paul and Sandeep: so very fortunate that our paths have crossed (through our girls) and deeply value your support, insight and advice. You’ve made a big difference already and I sense our journey together will be very rewarding. #jumpingintoraisethebarandfuelgrowth
David, Phil, Tom, John, Cathy, Chris, Steve, Osvaldo, Peter B – all key advisors who stepped in and provided me insight and expertise when I needed some – at key junctures and help me validate or shift strategies and tighten up on key drivers.. thank you #youmaynotrealizehowmuchyouradviceandsupporthelpedme
Anne Marie and Devon and gang at Invok.  What a great packaging design. You jumped in right away and right in and within a matter of days, our brand came to life J After 20+ years of working together on other brands, there was no other choice than to give you the keys to design my own brand.. and you exceeded what I could have wished for! Xox #omgthegorgousbrandcametolifewithyourtalents
Leigh & Nicole - my killer Creative Director and OMG-rocket fuel-and-ever-flowing-source-of-energy-and -ideation!  Our brand equity, look and feel and all our materials are nothing shy than outstanding – you work at light speed and an over the top delight!  Leigh, you’re the best CD I’ve ever worked with!  Xo #yourockyourockandiadorehavingyoubymysideontheteam
Mary Ann- My so-very-special-everything-advisor. Met you by fluke of the universe and now rely and count on your for so much from consumer insight to brand strategies to a great sounding board… I sincerely hope you will take on a much more involved role as we will so much fun fuelling this engine for a hyper ride, changing how women eat and how we feel about it #canbeaprettyunbeleivablyrewardingjourneytogether
Maya and Team Glanbia (Brad, Elenor, Steve, Shaun): May, your Linked In email that faithful Monday morning change the course of our brand and step changed our product point of difference and competitive advantage and robustness – cannot thank you enough. And the best ever business trip ever to Twin Falls.. with I’m sure many many more.  Your team at Glanbia is phenomenal and cannot tell you how much your support and resources have meant to me and strengthened our products; #teammayaandglanbiasettingmeupforproductedge
Derek & Brad & Ivan:  You may not know this: yet he three of you and my experience at Wellnx is the main reason I had the courage and confidence to launch my own brand. Brad/Derek – the true/blue real deal CEO Entrepreneurs – ever so inspiring, entertaining and motivating. Thank you. Derek, you were right by my side from day 1 – always with the warmest and most sincere support, resources and advice and always with a text back in a matter of a few second. Ivan – as I said dozens of times – without your input when I needed it most-  there would be no SGFC.  I cannot every thank you enough- we both know the universe will make sure your timely and game changing help will come around to reward you and your family. xox #thethreewellnxguysthathavebeenthereformefor10years
My legal partners: Josh, ILana, Marie, Jason – your responsiveness, support and expertise has been phenomenal and so appreciated; #therightlegalpartnerstoputasmileonmeeveryday
My creative team (Kim, Julie, Clara, Linsey): been such a delight bringing this brand to life together – thank so much for jumping in again and again and again. Your creative eye and support has allowed us to move fast and bring a stunning brand equity to life #gorgeousbrandvisualsmakingourbrandcometolife
My consumer team (Joanna, Sheeba, Kimberly, Jen P, Cheryl): Joanna, our very first Loyal User, providing me with chockfull of rich consumer and product insights and also feeding me a daily dose of keeping it real J.  Sheeba, cannot say how much I value your common sense and insights and so very deep and unwavering support – you’re always there for me xox.  Jen – so appreciate your insights and edits; Cheryl, incredibly blessed and fortunate to have reconnected and lean on your for consumer and strategic depth. #tappingintoamazinginsightsandsupport
My Product and Logistics teams (Jeff, Claudette, Curtis, Sam, Dr Marangoni, Valerie, Dan K, Patricia, Greg, John S, Susan N)
My Good fats Fans on our website: there are too many of you to list out here J  thank you for lending your support and being real faces to our brand online!  Can’t wait to get you lots of bars and share the word #thebiggestthanksforbeingrightthererightaway
My District Ventures friends (Arlene, Mike, Alex, Angela, Aja, Ashley, Laura, Wendy, Emily, Cindy, Hailey, Colleen); so grateful and appreciative of the DV Accelerator program.. it’s been amazing so far and indeed such a gift to step change #acceleratingthisbrandandhavingawonderfuljourneytogether
And all my other “get it done” work team, Debra, Chris, Terry, Ryan, Monica, Michelle E, Karla, Christine, Jonathan & Julie – often daily, I count on your and reach out for help, resources, favours and asks.. you’re all helping the brand come to life and change how women eat and feel and thank you for being part of this incredible brand launch journey #incrediblepeepstorolloutoursleevesandgetstuffdone
Denny -My PR manager; every so generous and talented – we will have quite a ride together – busting the myths and little mighty suzie taking on the big bad sugar and low fat industries. brace yourself everyone #letsgetoutthereandshakethingsup
Moksha Yoga Uptown (Felicia and all the amazing staff and teachers): for allowing me to find a place to connect, refocus and recharge.. daily. And nurturing such a beautiful space and team. #gratefultohaveyourstudioandteam
Stas, Nicki and my twin, Ricky and my mom!: my kids and ever so insightful young early adaptors and everyday tasters and biggest fans.  Tasting prototypes non stop for the last year.. My days overflow with joy and fun and deep contentment with my two kiddies around – and having you both be such a big part of our brand coming to life, 24/7, is a gift that I’m immeasurably grateful for.. what a treat of a lifetime. Mommy – thanks for supporting me a believing in me- this day has finally come :-)  love love love you. #whatImthemostgratefulismykidsandmymom
Keith – My biggest source of what really matters; steering me emotionally when I need it most -so I have the strength and focus to be at my best #sogratefulwereconnectedcannottellyou
And Sue  - from people insights to 10,000 feet strategies to weeds decisions and PMP and all the way from consumer insights to financial to just quietly & with strength, being there for me – I cannot thank you enough as all so very deeply valuable – and in a crucial time of need and pivot, when the brand and I needed to step up - I was reassured and knew I had you solidly by my side.  Thank you #ihopeyoureallyknowhowmuchivaluedyoubeingthereforme

Now lets get them thousands and thousands of bars in bellies, spread the word of mouth and get thousands of bars sold!!
So we get bunch more batches of our ridiculously delicious bars made

Here is a sneak peak of the press release going out in two weeks
TORONTO—Date—A revolutionary Canadian snack-bar start-up, run by a small but mighty entrepreneur, is taking on long established nutrition myths and the “big guns” of both the sugar and low-fat industries by demonstrating that contrary to popular belief, fat can be good for you.
Suzie Yorke, Founder & CEO of suzie’s good fats companyTM, spent the bulk of her career working for world-renowned, consumer packaged good companies and the last 10 years as a marketing executive in leading weight-loss organizations.  The petite entrepreneur is nutrition obsessed, and among other things, has competed in 11 Ironman triathlons and several Boston marathons. She has now started her company with a mission to change how women eat by focussing on more good fats, less sugar and how women actually feel about what they eat.
The first products from suzie’s good fats companyTM have already gotten the attention of several major retailers who see the opportunity and know she’s onto something with the ridiculously delicious snack bars.  They are very low in sugar (only 1-4gr/bar), made with wholesome and natural ingredients and, wait for it…loaded with good fats like coconut oil, peanut butter, almond butter, olive oil and even butter as well as palm kernel oil, all good sources of lauric acid and omega fats.

Suzie Good Fats