fat is back. sugar is out.

fat is back, sugar is out

‡rolling out on all 5 flavours between now and March 2019

award winning

ALIVE AWARDS: 3 gold consumer (natural foods, bars & beverages; new product; weight management),   

3 gold and one bronze retailer awards (natural foods, bars & beverages; weight management; new product)


Vanilla Milk Shake <br> (400g)

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Mugs: fat is back (coffee + a yummy bar: a perfect pair!)

--fat is back - Pink Mug - suziesgoodfats--
--fat is back - Black Mug - suziesgoodfats--
“Wow - I eat 1-2 bars a day now as I’m addicted! and these are even better tasting, cleaner and more peanuts even. thank you.” – Amanda

“Wow - I eat 1-2 bars a day now as I’m addicted! and these are even better tasting, cleaner and more peanuts even. thank you.” – Amanda

Our new recipes are keto friendly with only 4-5g of net carbs, low in sugar, gluten free and non GMO.

You can purchase good fat bars across Canada at these awesome retailers.

*Available at select stores. **coming soon in December.

Suzie Yorke, CEO & Founder

meet the woman bringing fat back.

You asked for it. Love good fats bars are now Gluten Free and Keto Friendly.

I‘ve always loved fats but for years, I avoided them and neglected good nutrition. I’m a mom and a triathlete and my body was not happy. I developed health issues. So I‘ve spent the last three years researching nutrition and figuring out the real deal about sugar and fats. This led me to create a ridiculously delicious line of snacks so that North Americans can eat and enjoy good fats!

why we love good fats?

the most ridiculously satisfying and delicious bar you’ve ever tasted!

healthy fats

health research says to include lots of healthy fats in your diet and stay away from processed ingredients, sugar, and trans fats.

nothing artificial, no preservatives

no artificial preservatives, colorants, or lots of sugar alcohols.

1-2g of sugar

so many snacks are loaded with sugar. Not our bars! You won’t get the cravings you get with sugar.

clean, wholesome ingredients

peanut butter, chocolate, nut butters, coconut and coconut oil, cocoa, dark chocolate, butter, and other good fats.

feel fuller longer

good fats help you feel satiated and satisfied longer, so you’ll have less of a need to snack.


good fats give you energy, support your metabolism, and are a super fuel for your brain.

fat is back.

meet the stars of the team.

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                25+ Gourmet Gifts for the foodie friend.  #27 - a box of these delicious snack bars that are jam-packed with protein and of course, good fats.

                November 26, 2018

                Whole Foods global buyers names top 10 trends for 2019 ... love good fats is listed under "Phat Fats" for the ketogenic, paleo and grain-free diets.

                November 15, 2018

                Fats are actually good for you, winning Canadian keto snack brand will roll out in Whole Foods stores across the US at the beginning of 2019.

                October 30, 2018

                Back-to-school, Back-to-Mom!  Feel good story ... good fats, tastes like a decadent chocolate bar.

                October 11, 2018

                Loving Good Fats! ”On” Keto-Friendly Snack Bar Poised to Share the Love in U.S. Market 

                September 20, 2018

                Available now on Amazon, and from January in Whole Food stores nationwide, Keto friendly Love Good Fat bars (which first launched in Canada).

                September 20, 2018

                Keto is King. A video from NOSH and BevNET as they examine developments within the sports nutrition space and recap the most notable keto products.

                September 19, 2018

                A new start-up company in Toronto, has launched snacks bars that are low in sugar and made with wholesome natural ingredients.

                October 17, 2017

                This former CMO is betting on fat being back.  After decades in CPG and wellness, Suzie Yorke has turned to her own "on trend" venture.

                September 17, 2017

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